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We owe an abundance of gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Gina Frenzel of The GLF Agency in Kerrville for her unwavering dedication and commitment to seeking the truth and exposing the injustice for our dear Justin.  She became fully and wholeheartedly involved in Justin's case within just a few weeks after his tragic and untimely death on December 26, 2012 in Fredericksburg, TX.   If you ever find yourself in need of a private investigator for any reason, we can assure you that you will never find one any better nor more highly qualified and sincere than Gina.  She puts her whole heart and soul into a case and doesn't quit until she gets justice, no matter the cost.  She is not only our private investigator but has become our treasured friend, and we now consider her part of our family.  They just don't come any better! 






If you are looking for a private investigator who is results oriented, Gina is your woman! We hired her for a very difficult custody case. She was able to track down witnesses under the most difficult circumstances and convince them to testify. She was resourceful, worked closely with our attorneys, and assisted with the trial. Gina was KEY in helping us win our case. I highly recommend her!







In January of 2012, our 16 year old daughter ran away in the middle of the night with her boyfriend in his grandmother's stolen van. They disappeared for six agonizing days. It was like they had literally fallen off the face of the earth. Other than our local law enforcement, we had NO idea where to even begin our search. Then, like a gift from God Almighty, Gina Frenzel came into our lives. Through a friend's highly regarded recommendation, we were simply given her phone number. Within minutes of talking to her, in between sobs, I knew she was special. I was able to hear her sincerity and determination to help us in her voice. Without leaving her home office, Gina was able to give us more information in just a few hours than our sheriff's department could scramble together in days. Thankfully, my husband's best friend was a deputy there, and through hours of phone calls, he and Gina were unstoppable!!!  Through her fast knowledge and connections, she was able to quickly point our deputy friend in the right directions. During the most frightening time of our lives, it was amazing to watch her work and how quickly she made things happen. When the children were finally found at 1am on a Sunday morning, I couldn't wait to call Gina to confirm the news. I don't know who cried harder!!

This incredible lady will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will never be able to thank her enough for helping to bring our girl home. I wouldn't wish a situation like this on my worst enemy. But I know the first phone call I would make.... Gina Frenzel!!!


Kelly P.

Center, Texas




I used Gina Frenzel back in November of 2010. She was very upfront with how my situation should be handled. She was very professional and kept me informed of her progress throughout the investigation. She is very thorough and conscious about her job. I would recommend her services to anyone.


Michael M.



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